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Yakuza 6: The Song of Life

REVIEW of Yakuza 6: The Song of Life (PS4)

The Dragon of Dojima is back and he's prepared to put a foot in the ass of any individual who ventures to him wrong, particularly on the off chance that they are debilitating his family. Worked with another material science motor called the Monster Motor, Yakuza 6: The Melody of Life makes some intense first strides for the establishment while giving fans a greater amount of what they adore about the amusement. Charged as the last enterprise for the recreations signature character, Kazuma Kiryu will confront numerous troublesome choices as he advances through the story. Highlighting a visual makeover that will shock and pleasure you, this amusement will transport you to another area, the port town of Onomichi Jingaicho in Hiroshima Prefecture, and take you to natural old frequents like Tokyo's greatest shady area of town, the city of Kamurocho. You'll have to ensure Kiryu is in the most ideal physical condition since this amusement is the penultimate merging of the establishments Japanese hoodlum topic including serious CQC battling and finish it off with fun exercises that each area in the diversion brings to the table.

As is valid for each Yakuza game before it, Yakuza 6: The Melody of Life is vigorously story-driven and completes an extraordinary activity of keeping the player bolted to the screen as the occasions in Onomichi play out. The story goes that after the occasions of the last diversion, Haruka, one of Kiryu's charges from the halfway house and now an enormous pop star, uncovers in front of an audience at one of her shows that he is thought about family to her. Her fans forsake her constraining her to end her profession and come back to the halfway house that has been the main genuine home that she has ever known. 

In the interim, Kiryu chooses to hand himself over and acknowledge the cold hard truth and gains a 3 year offer in a greatest security jail for his inclusion in last diversions shenanigans. Once back at the halfway house, the press swarm the office alarming Haruka and she starts to think about whether she isn't putting every other person in risk in view of her choice. She chooses to leave and vanishes with no contact for more than two years leaving Kiryu, once he is discharged from jail, and alternate children to ponder what has happened to her.

if you have played a game in the Yakuza series before then you will feel right at home as you navigate the mean streets of Tokyo in 2016.  You can walk or run to your destination, talk to people on the street looking for help with this or that, or stop in at a local eatery and enjoy a fresh plate of steamed rice and vegetables with slices of baked pork.  You will often find items laying on the street like a key, an item of clothing or a piece of jewelry that will no doubt at some point come to good use so be sure to pick those up.

Streets in Tokyo are narrow after all, so bumping into thugs as you make your way across town will cause them to want to fight you.  Once you are done giving a group of young disrespectful punks a lesson in humility and liberating their funds and other items, you can head over to the local Internet cafe and chat it up online, join an intense, action-packed game of baseball at the local park or head on over to the neighborhood bar and grab a drink between songs in karaoke or rounds of darts.

Yakuza 6 features a cool way to access all of the pertinent information and places it right at your fingertips so that you can make adjustments to your character or to gameplay on the fly.  To access the options in the game, you simply press the “options” button on the controller and it will bring up Kiryu’s Sony Xperia phone which will allow you to use items, adjust your stats, use apps, check your email, or receive and send text messages, just to name a few.  Sega isn’t new to having the character use a cellphone as a way to allow the player to access the “Pause Menu” (if you remember, GTA 4 did this as well years ago) but it fits well here and makes this thirteen-year-old franchise feel like it’s making an effort to stand with the times.

I said in the introduction that the Yakuza arrangement is normally extremely story-substantial and this might be a mood killer for those gamers that like all activity, constantly. There are some entirely long cut-scenes in this diversion and they are not generally activity pressed issues but rather they are extremely important to recounting an incredible story and giving the player a profound comprehension of the characters inspirations. That reality alone is likely going to be a major issue for a few however to those of utilization who have been fans throughout the previous thirteen years, that is simply about as good anyone might expect. On the off chance that this amusement winds up being the end for Kazuma Kiryu, at that point this will be an exceptionally fitting goodbye for one of gaming's most cherished characters. There is such a great amount of pressed into this diversion to do and to see that it is completely amazing. As a long-lasting fanatic of the arrangement, I can't prescribe lifting this one up enough on the off chance that you are searching for something somewhat off of the generally accepted way to go without a doubt.

These are review of Yakuza 6:
Metacritic: 83%
Gamespot: 8/10

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