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How to Create a PlayStation Network Account

To save your data and allow multiple users, you'll need to create a profile on your PS5 or PS4. Here you can see how. There are several ways to make an account. Video Tutorial also mentioned Below.

Making a PSN Account allows you to shop online on PSN Store to download Games, Demos, HD movies and music. After creating an account you can activate TVs, home audio/video devices and Playstation to connect with it.

There are several ways to sign-up on PSN account, the first one is the easiest which is you can create your PSN account from your PC/Laptop, but you can also create from Mobile Phones, PS4, PS3, PSP, PSVITA.

Signing up for PSN on the website also allows you to create a master account with sub-accounts. this is mainly useful if you have a children and they can use this sub-account with the restrictions set by you, like spending limits or parental lock.

Some steps to guide you through the process of setting up your profile on PC/Laptop.
  1.  Visit Sony Entertainment Network Create an New Account page.
  2.  Enter your Personal details like, Name, Email Address, Birthday, Location and then choose Password.
  3.  Click, I Agree. Create my New Account.
  4.  Verify your email address with the link provided in your email, you will receive from Sony after completing Step-3
  5.  Go back to Sony Network website and click Continue.
  6.  Click the Update Account image on the next page.
  7.  Choose the Online ID that will be seen by the players who play online games.                                                        Note: Online ID once created, cannot be changed
  8.  Click Continue.
  9. Finish updating your PSN account with your name, security, questions, location, optional billing information etc.
  10. Click Finish when you are done with your PSN account details.
Congratulations !! now you will see a message that reads Your Account has been created Successfully.

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