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Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite: Which one you should buy ?

We've got the details to help you decide, whether to buy Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch:
The New Switch allows you to play up to nine to ten hours before charging next time. The Joy-Cons slide on and off this device for easy gaming. You can play it on TV and handheld modes. it costs more, but it works with every Switch game, and you will be able to do more with it than you can with the Switch Lite.

Nintendo Switch Lite:
Nintendo Switch Lite provides up to seven to eight hours of battery in portable gaming system, but is less expensive than Switch and is more convenient to carry around. Since the Joy-Cons don't get separate, you will have to purchase wireless controllers to play games that either don't work.


Switch V2Switch Lite
Screen6.2 inches, 720p5.5 inches, 720p
Battery Life5-9 hours3-7 hours
Storage32GB Internal + MicroSD32GB Internal + MicroSD
Game CompatibilityAll GamesGames that Support Handheld Mode
Detachable Joy-ConsYesNo
HD RumbleYesNo
Dimensions4 x 9.4 x 5.5 inches3.6 x 8.2 x 5.5 inches
Weight.88 pounds.61 pounds

Local & Online Gaming:

The Switch and Switch Lite allows you to link several Switches together for local play. in this case, each player will play together, but they will look at their own switch screen. both can access Nintendo Switch Online from their gaming systems. to use online, you'll need to pay for a membership and can play online with other online players, as well as access for NES and SNES games.

The new Switch's Joy-Cons can be used individually to allow two-player gaming. But for the Switch Lite, you'll need to purchase controllers if you want more than two people to play locally. The number of players will vary depending on what game you're playing.


Switch and Switch Lite offers built-in storage of 32GB with external storage in the form of microSD cards. as long as you have memory cards, you'll never run out of space.


Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite, both devices can provide you hours of entertainment on the go. it is completely up to what you are going to purchase, but we believe that it is the better option for most gamers because you are going to use it in portable mode, tabletop mode and TV mode. it works with multiplayer games and all switch games out there. Just make you are going to buy the newest version with the good battery life. ------- find the red box.

If you are going for cheaper price then Nintendo Switch Lite is the best option. if you really think you are mainly going to use it on the go and will play single player games.
Just Remember some games are not convenient to play on Nintendo Switch Lite.

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